4 Unbelievable Gift Basket Ideas for the Festive Season – No. 3 and 4 will Astonish You!

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Preparing early to make 25th December 2017 your merriest Christmas of all? Then, it’s important to inform you that our gift shop is also preparing in a special way to ensure that your festive season’s merriments lack no gifts. Take a look at our gift basket ideas for 2017 – 2018 holiday seasons, and you won’t see it as a task to find a creative present for that special one.

Gift baskets bring an overwhelming joy to the heart of every recipient, especially when it’s filled with lots of gifts to unveil. However, presenting your special one with a gift basket may not be a new idea – because they’re readily available on retail stores during festive periods. But when your basket is a blast of creativity with a clever theme that is both personal and practical to the recipient, then it’s unbelievable, and will be received with many thanks.

Here are some creative and unbelievable all occasion gift basket ideas from Fine Gifts La Bella Basket Company for the festive season.


#1.Classic Starbucks Coffee And Cocoa

You can't go wrong with a classic gift of perfect Starbucks proportions! A natural Kraft box adorned with the Starbucks logo holds two Starbucks ceramic mugs and Starbucks Breakfast Blend, House blend and Sumatra coffees. This gift also includes hot cocoa, Walker's shortbread medallions and shortbread fingers, gingerbread biscotti and caramel wafer. Classically Starbucks!

2 - Mug
3 - Starbucks Assorted Coffee,2.5 oz
1 - Kraft Box, 4x4x2
1 - Shortbread Fingers, 1 oz
1 - Shortbread Highlanders, 1.4 oz
2 - Biscotti, 1.8 oz 1 - Jumbo Wafer, 1.38 oz 1 - Hot Cocoa Pouch

Your Special one will be thrilled when presented with such an affordable but fantastic gift!


#2. A Lasting Impression Thank You – Large Gift Basket
Do you want to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your friends this coming festive period? Then show them some love with a lasting impression thank you gift basket from Fine Gifts La Bella. Here are all that they’ll see in this gift basket:
⦁ Chocolate Covered Cranberries
⦁ Chocolate Covered Almonds
⦁ K'Nuckle Crispy Caramel Corn Covered in White Chocolate w/Almonds
⦁ 2 Boxes of Crisp Stone Wheat Crackers
⦁ Buckley's Buttery Old Fashioned Almond Toffee
⦁ Parmesan Focaccia Bites
⦁ Creamy Swiss Cheese Triangles
⦁ Bellagio Caramel Cappuccino
⦁ Bellagio French Vanilla Cappuccino
⦁ Thanks a Million Theme Bag w/Chocolate Mints
⦁ 14" Rectangular Dark Stain Basket
With just $103.73, you already have this for your friends.

#3. All Star Gift Basket
Is your spouse a sporting man? Then buy and send him our All Start gift basket to lighten up his mood. It does not matter whether he is a football, soccer, baseball, basketball, or tennis fan, this collection is most cherished by all sports fans.

⦁ Tortilla Chips
⦁ When Life Throws You a Curve ball Book
⦁ #1 Sports Theme Bag w/ Deluxe Snack Mix
⦁ Miniature Nerf Football
⦁ Baseball Slammer ball
⦁ Sports Drink Cup Cooler
⦁ Grained Mustard
⦁ 4 oz Honey Sweet Peanuts
⦁ 4 oz Pretzel Nuggets
⦁ 2 oz White Cheddar Popcorn
⦁ 3 oz Summer Sausage
⦁ We're #1 Sports finger
⦁ Nacho Cheese sauce
⦁ Sports Ball Gift Box

Get All Star gift basket for your avid sports lover to tickle his taste and tempt his tummy.

#4. Birthday Godiva Chocolate Lover’s Gift Basket
Do you have a friend whose birthday falls within the festive period? Then make her birthday surprise a memorable one by sending elegant birthday wishes with a super luscious collection of chocolates. Here is what she’ll get in this $94.10 pack:

⦁ 1 milk chocolate caramels,
⦁ 1 dark chocolate caramels,
⦁ 2 piece gold ballotin assortment,
⦁ 1 32% Cacao milk chocolate bar,
⦁ 1 solid chocolate bar
⦁ 1 chocolate dipped pretzels

This affordable pack is well wrapped in a fine birthday ribbon. Yes, you can thank Fine Gifts La Bella for making it possible.

So, don’t start killing time looking for perfect gifts for your hard-to-please family members and friend because we’ve taking care of the stress already for you. Also, note that the price already covers for shipping and handling.

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