St. Patrick's Day And Our Irish Gifts

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Do you know the story of St. Patrick and how St. Patrick's Day celebrations got started. Did you know it's St Paddy's Day and not St Patty's Day? Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Are you Irish, If not do you celebrate the day anyway? Maybe you even wear green and your not even Irish. Maybe you like corned Beef, Cabbage and Soda bread. Everything is green and not just shamrocks. Many people don't even know he was a real person and not a legend leprechaun. Did you know St. Patrick wasn't always religious or even Irish. He was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave for 6 years until his escape. While he was there he got in touch with his faith. He returned to Ireland 18 years later to help the Irish people. He spend his last 30 years there. He was arguably one of the most successful missionaries in history. Thousands of Irishmen were converted to Christianity as they heard Patrick speak the Gospel. Patrick is believed to have died on March 17th and that is why he is celebrated on that day.
Whether your celebrating St. Patrick's Day or someone who is, we have added to our Irish gift collection as we do so every year. You can find beautiful gift baskets, cookies, chocolates, beer mugs and even home decor.
Enjoy a little bit of Irish all year long with our beer steins t shirts and wall decor. Our heritage gifts and beer steins have several different Irish designs to choose from as well as our shirt tees. Our personalized Wall art can be proudly displayed in your room of choice and is a forever gift. We pride ourselves in having a nice variety of themed gifts to choice from. Look for more Irish keepsake gifts that will be available in the store within the next couple of days. We will be adding personalized gifts such as coasters, water bottles, signs, bottles, glasses and a Slainte Irish Toast Charm that would look great on one of our boxed chains. Treat yourself or someone else to a St Paddy's Day gift this year. You will be glad you did. Shop our gifts Today.

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