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Sincere Sympathies Fruit Basket

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Sincere Sympathies Fruit

Sincere wishes and sympathies abound with this large array of fresh fruits and treats to share with the entire group. Our over-sized wicker basket is packed with crispy apples and pears, juicy oranges, Sonoma Jack cheese, English tea cookies, focaccia crisps, Columbus salami, Sonoma cheese straws, almonds, crunchy snack mix and an organic chocolate bar. It will be very much appreciated.

Green Apples (2 count)
Red Apples (3 count)
Oranges (4 count)
Pears (2 count)
Almonds (3.5 oz each,
1 count)
Garlic Herb Cheese (4 oz each,
1 count)
English Tea Cookies (6 oz each,
1 count)Focaccia Crackers (4 oz each,
1 count)Snack Mix (2.5 oz each, 1 count)
Sonoma Cheese Straws (2 oz each, 1 count)
Salami (8 oz each, 1 count)
Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar (3.5 oz each, 1 count)
Brie Cheese Spread (3.5 oz each, 1 count)

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The Sincere Sympathies Fruit Basket is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 15, 2024


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